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What is eyelash serum?

In a world where full, long eyelashes seem to be becoming the norm, we all want eyelashes that stand out. We are therefore massively looking for ways to make our eyelashes longer, fuller and stronger. One of the most popular solutions is the use of eyelash serums, also called lash serums.

An eyelash serum is a cosmetic product designed to improve the growth, thickness and fullness of your eyelashes. These serums are often used by women who want to strengthen, grow or make their eyelashes fuller. These are often women who naturally have thin or short eyelashes or notice that their eyelashes are becoming thinner or shorter due to aging or long-term use of an eyelash curler, waterproof mascara or eyelash extensions. In addition to women, men who want fuller eyelashes can of course also use a lash serum.

Unlike eyelash extensions, eyelash serums provide a natural result that is long lasting. This is because eyelash serums strengthen and enhance your natural lashes instead of applying temporary additions.

Fuller eyelashes within a few weeks

Various external factors, such as regular use of waterproof mascara or rubbing your eyelashes, can damage your eyelashes, making them fragile and even breaking them. An eyelash serum is formulated with ingredients that nourish, hydrate and strengthen your eyelashes. This makes the eyelash hairs more robust and less susceptible to external influences, making them less likely to fall out. In addition, an eyelash growth serum stimulates natural hair growth because the active natural ingredients activate and stimulate the hair roots. This not only makes your eyelashes longer and fuller, but also gives them a healthier appearance.

How to apply eyelash serum

Eyelash serum usually comes in the form of a liquid, packaged in a small bottle with an applicator similar to that of an eyeliner. You apply the serum in the same way as an eyeliner. It is best to apply the serum before going to sleep, so that it can be absorbed properly during the night. This also minimizes the risk of getting the product in your eyes.

Use the step-by-step plan below as a guideline so that you know how to apply the lash serum correctly.

How to apply eyelash serum:

  1. Remove contact lenses if you wear them.
  2. Clean your eyes and the skin around your eyes to remove any makeup residue or dirt. Be careful not to rub too hard!
  3. Dry your eyelids and eyelashes. A humid environment can potentially reduce the effectiveness of the serum.
  4. Use the applicator that comes with the eyelash serum and apply a thin line of the serum along the lash line of your upper lashes. It may be useful to tense your eyelid while doing this.
  5. Start at the inner corner of your eye and work outward
  6. Be careful not to get the serum into your eyes. If this does happen, rinse your eyes with lukewarm water.
  7. Let the serum dry.


Do you want to achieve the best results? Then it is important to apply the eyelash serum regularly. Depending on the product, this may mean applying the serum daily or several times a week. Please note that it may take some time before you see visible results.

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